Dan Linder, "The Dog Whisperer."
Tour of Facilities

Trained Dogs in Action (Training Demonstration)

Police and Protection Dogs Demonstration

Call me for prices and info.   Also ask about our free DVD or video.   This will give you a complete tour of the facilities and training demonstration.

Training Courses

House Training:   Teaches your dog to use the potty on a leash, on command, outside.

Basic Obedience (On Leash):   10 exercises will get a calmer, more controllable and focused dog.

1.   Heel                                           6.   Auto Sit on Heel
2.   Sit                                           7.   Auto Sit on Come
3.   Come                                           8.   Respect for "No"
4.   Down                                           9.   30 minute long Down Stay,
      in your home with distractions.
5.   Stay                                           10.  Release Command

This training also will address most behavior problems such as jumping up on people, play biting, and excessive barking.

Advanced Obedience (Off Leash):   This course consists of the same exercises as the basic course, but with no leash and at more distance.


A stay at Action Dogs USA is like a vacation for your dog.

Large exercise yards for outdoor activities are just one of the many highlights.   All dogs are evaluated before joining a play group.   Dogs that are not suitable for group activities will be exercised individually.

Reservations are recommended, especially prior to the holidays.   Please consider us for the finest in clean, comfortable, country boarding.

Indoor Facilities
            •   Air Conditioned and Heated Kennel Runs
            •   6' High, 5' x 10' Spacious Indoor Kennels
            •   Comfortable Dog Beds
            •   Sealed floors for easy cleaning and sanitation
            •   Privacy panels between kennels
            •   TV's to lower stress
            •   Bed time snacks
            •   Soft night time music

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Outdoor Facilities
  •   50' x 50' large grass exercise yards
  •   Covered patios with swimming pools
  •   6' high, heavy commercial grade chain link fence with 3 inverted top wires for added security.
  •   All fencing is constructed with a concrete foundation to prevent under the fence digging.

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Kennel Boarding Prices
Free Pickup and Delivery Service (requires one week minimum boarding)

Price for bath per dog $20.00
(If Paid in Advance)
Boarding: $25.00 $600.00
Boarding for 2 Dogs
In Same Kennel:
$40.00 $1,000.00
Training Camp Prices
Training Pickup and Delivery Free/Boarding Free with Training

House Training: $750.00
Basic Obedience Course:
(On Leash)
Advanced Obedience Course:
(Off Leash)

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Please use the "Westward Ho" exit to get to Action Dogs USA.

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